Healthy Food in Convinience Store


It's chibipomen.


Recently, I am on diet aiming to be 49kg.

The method I am trying is low carbon diet, and convinience store is very helpful for me.

In Japan, there are 3 major convinience store, and each stores are making efforts to develop healthy foods.

Today, I present my favorite convinience store foods sold in LOWSON!


Wheat bran bread


You know, the low-carbon diet limits carbohyderates, and BREADS are the most MUST NOT foods.

But, this weat bran breads has only 2.3g of carbonhydrates each, and 64kcal each.

This bread costs 125 yen(1.0$).

Even for good, this bread is very delicious.

I always buy all of this bread in the store.