Trip for Vietnam (2)

Arrival at Tansonnhat International Airport

After arriving the international airport, through the immiguration, 

I finally got into the Vietnam.


First, I exchanged my Japanese yen (10000JPN→about 1700000VND).

Then, I found the mobile phone store to get SIM.

I bought 39000VND SIM card, that is for 5days no data limits, without talking.

Using network everywhere was very nice so that i can get any information through internet.


Riding bus to downtown

Going out of the airport, I found many taxi driver awating for riders.

But this is my first ride at Vietnam, so I have to take something local.

The Bus!


The No. 152 bus take me to the Chợ Bến Thành(Bentain market).

But the bus driver doesn't look like to start bus. (Even there is some people waiting to start!)

After the picture, he even went far to smoke cigarette.


But, thankfully, he deceded to start the bus, and I paid 10000VND(60JPN) for tickets (1for rider, 1for my luggege).



After 40 minutes ride, I got to the Ben Tain Market.

I walked to the Hotel, Lan Lan Hotel 1

Sân bay quốc tế Tân Sơn Nhất
Tansonnhat International Airport